Veet Mano is the Russian TV show’s “Battle of the Psychics” thirteenth season’s finalist. He was born in the U.S. in 1956 and was a close friend of Osho who gave Mano the name (Veet Mano, meaning beyond mind) and the title Swami, meaning being one’s own master, one who has dedicated himself to serving others and helping the world. Mano pays a lot of attention on relationships between people. He is honest, authentic and trustworthy. He is a wise man and goodness is his nature. He is versatile, down-to-

People nowadays are struggling to incorporate their desires with real opportunities. That’s why Mano’s favorite subject is a human and his/her emotional balance, and related energy movement. Mano works with people’s hidden emotions. For example, suppressed emotions cause depression. It is delightful to see Mano working with such a huge human ailment as depression.

Mano holds different massage therapist licenses and he has spent many years helping people with their back and neck problems. He is highly recognized in the field of meditation practices and is associated with many projects at the International Meditation Center in Pune, India.

In his present-day life he’s traveling from one place to another. He conducts seminars, camps and heals people in many different countries.

What happens at these camps? What the wise man says during his seminars? Who are the people who book a spot to his seminar early on, which makes it necessary to organize additional seminars?

At his seminars, Mano focuses on Osho meditations which help with energy opening, releasing different emotions and removing emotional blocks in the body. Leading words at Mano seminars are spontaneity and intensity. For example he makes people to dance happily. It was quite unexpected when I attended his seminar for the first time, 2013, it was a pleasure to meet the new love of the Estonians, Veet Mano, at the

Kristiine gymnasium in Tallinn Estonia. I arrived on the spot on this misty, early autumn Thursday. Much of the music that was played prior and during the seminar surely helped to experience the rising “fire” inside of me.

As soothing music was playing, Mano asked everyone to close their eyes and breathe. “Close your eyes and breathe into the heart,” said Mano. Breathing should set the heart free. Something clearly changed during the time I meditated. I truly felt positive changes in my energy. When people were taught to sing their chakras open, I experienced not just warmth, but heat in my heart chakra. It was inner fire, heat, sweating that helped to release the emotional energetic junk that I had stored in my heart and my brain in the past. The inner heat radiated outward and it seemed like it extended a good foot or more beyond the surface of my skin/physical body. I also felt my spine move.

There was something correcting my posture and I felt movements up and down my spine. It was quite pleasant to meditate and open the fifth and sixth chakra.

Besides chakra opening meditations Mano reminds all of us that love towards oneself and the world are important. My favorite part of the seminar was to exclaim to others: “I need love, not pain.”

People are different and everyone can have their own experience at Mano’s seminars.

I recommend everyone to attend. Whole heartedly.